waking up in my collar

Sir asked me to write about the events of yesterday. what Sir wants, Sir gets. So, here it goes…

we both had the day off, so we woke up slowly. i woke up first, feeling his naked body next to mine. the sunlight pokes through the blinds and i feel the familiar sensation of leather around my neck. i smile. i roll over and kiss Sir on the neck. he pulls me close and says “good morning, love.”

we kiss, just like we do every morning.

Sir tells me to stay in bed and he goes to make me coffee. i watch him grab a pair of pants and pull them on over his hard cock. i love watching him get dressed but hate it when he leaves the room. i pull the blankets over my naked body and wait for him to return.

he comes back into the room holding two cups of coffee. i sit up and hold the coffees while Sir takes off his clothes and gets back in bed next to me. i take a sip of my coffee and smile. Sir knows exactly how much cream i like in my coffee.

we drink our coffee and talk about our plans for the day. i notice Sir’s cock poking it’s head out from under the covers. i love how hard he gets just sitting next to me while i’m wearing my collar.

we finish our coffees and he puts pants on again to go get us some refills from the kitchen. i always get a little turned on during coffee time with Sir, but on this particular morning i just couldn’t stop thinking about how good Sir looked and how much i just wanted him to put down the coffee and fuck me.

he was thinking the same thing. it wasn’t long until his fingers were rubbing on my clit while he held me close and whispered the sweetest, dirtiest things into my ear.

i love the way Sir’s hands feel on me. i love his fingers. i can feel myself getting so wet as he rubs his fingers around in little circle on my clit. i’m moaning and shaking and i can feel his cock getting even harder against me.

i tell Sir that i’m close. he sits up and starts working on my pussy with both hands. i look him in the eyes and ask for his permission to call him by his real name. he grants me permission and i moan his name as my whole body shivers with pleasure.

my body relaxes and i ask if Sir wants to fuck me. his eyes light up and he says “of course, love.” he tells me to keep touching myself while he gets up to get a condom out of the drawer. so i lay on the bed and masturbate while i wait for Sir to come back and fuck me.

at this point, Sir is incredibly worked up. i love seeing him like this. i think he’s the sexiest person in the world and i absolutely love sharing moments like this with him. and i love that look in his eye he gets when he can barely stand it anymore and want just wants me right then. this is the look he had when he climbed on top of me.

i wrap my legs around him and feel his cock slowly enter me. i look at his gorgeous body  – his chest, his back, his ass, his neck – and i feel like the luckiest woman alive. i feel the leather still wrapped around my neck as his cock moves deep inside of me. i put my arms up above my head and he smiles as he puts a single hand around my wrists, pinning me down.

i lean in and begin to kiss his neck as he continues to slam that beautiful cock into me. he lets out a deep moan and i know he is about to cum. i look him in the eyes and feel him explode inside of me.

i wrap my arms around him and we embrace for a moment, his cock still inside of me. then he rolls over and we instantly go into cuddle mode.

our coffees are still next to the bed so eventually we go back to drinking them. we decide to take advantage of our day off together by going on a drive to the coast. so we get dressed, the smell of sex still lingering on our bodies.

it’s finally time to take my collar off. i don’t want to, but it’s not really something i wear out of the house very often. so i bend my head down and Sir takes it off for me.

i pack a bag of snacks for the trip and cds to listen to in the car.

Sir grabs my collar and puts it in the pocket of his jacket. he tells me he might just make me wear it on the drive home later.

the thought of wearing my collar out into the world makes me wet.